Earhart Hall Information

Residential Life

Earhart Hall is a great place to live. With a dining court right downstairs and several Learning Communities, this year is bound to be a great adventure for everyone. The experiences gained through residential life at Earhart are endless. The bonding and friendships you create while living in the hall will last throughout your college career, and students, especially those in a living learning community are only a few steps away from fellow classmates dealing with the same rigors of adjusting to college life, and those challenging engineering group projects. Earhart Hall offers a wide array of activities for its residents. Everything from intramural sports to working with the Itasca club, are available for each resident.

Learning Communities

Earhart Hall is one of University Residences that houses Learning Communities. Learning Communities are a great way to quickly become familiar with the Purdue campus and the multitude of activities available. A Learning Community is either a group of 20-30 first-year students who take two or three of the same courses together, a group of first-year students who share a common academic interest and live in the same residence hall; or a group of first-year students who take part in both of these activities. These communities provide an excellent opportunity for students to meet and connect with others in the same hall and/or area of study.

Besides supporting Learning Communities, the residential life staff and the Itasca Club sponsor many social and educational programs throughout the year for the benefit of all residents. Programs occur every week, whether on an individual floor basis or as a larger hall event.

Residence Amenities

Earhart Hall is an air-conditioned residence and has many outstanding services. Earhart is equipped with spacious study lounges throughout the building. The central connecting portion of the hall contains three lounges for quiet study, group meeting or leisure activities such as watching movies on the big screen TV. The main floor also has vending machines with microwave, an ice machine, a kitchenette, two computers with a print station, as well as a grand piano in the formal lounge. The big screen TV is always a favorite place to gather with friends and take a short study break. The main office is open 24 hours a day and provides a variety of student services. In the basement you will find a large laundry room with plenty of washers and dryers.

The Itasca Club

Itasca, Earhart's official hall club, is named after the last ship to hear from Amelia Earhart. The club's purpose is to encourage scholastic achievement and to promote a varied program of activities. Itasca Club is a representative body that serves as the halls' student government.

Itasca provides many social and educational opportunities throughout the year, including dances, a breakout bash and much more. The activities put on by the club are decided by you- the residents. There is also a large DVD library available to our residents for check-out, free of charge. A pool table, ping pong, air hockey and foosball are just a few of the many social activities provided by the club.

All Earhart residents are members of the club and benefit from all the services Itasca provides. The executive board of Itasca works hard to develop leaders within the club, so the club can grow to be even bigger and better than it already is. As a resident of Earhart, you are encouraged to come check out what the club is and what leadership opportunities may be available for you!

Faculty Fellows

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