McCutcheon HallMcCutcheon Hall

McCutcheon Hall is a part of the Legacy Lane Neighborhood

Legacy Lane

Welcome to McCutcheon Hall! This hall that is called home by 730 residents opened in 1963.  Residents of this hall primarily live in double rooms with a shared community bath. There are an abundance of community spaces in the hall that everyone can use including a shared kitchen, private small group study rooms and large social lounges.

The Royal Highlanders Club

In order to honor John T McCutcheon and the country from which his grandparents emigrated from, the hall club was named “Royal Highlanders” after the Scottish Clans. All residents of McCutcheon are members and can attend all meetings and events. Royal Highlanders plans and implements events for all residents including the annual McCutcheon Madness, a building-wide ski trip and any other ideas that the residents of McCutcheon want to see that year.

Take a moment and look at what McCutcheon Hall has to offer. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions – we are here to help you be the best student that you can be!