Purdue Village Guidelines

Purdue Village is a unique housing environment. We provide not only housing for families and single graduate students, but a number of other support services to enrich their lives. 

Our goal is to develop an enjoyable living environment that values learning opportunities and personal growth and development. To accomplish this, it is critical that individuals respect the rights of their fellow residents, including the right to:

  • Sleep and study without undue interference
  • A comfortable level of personal privacy
  • A clean and welcoming living environment
  • Freedom from harassment and intimidation
  • Support from the residence staff

We consider discipline an acceptance of one’s responsibility within the residential community with respect for the rights of others. Inappropriate behavior is addressed through an educational approach.


Community Center Office
The Purdue Village Main Office, located at the Community Center, is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week. Many services are available at the office, including but not limited to fax, copies and stamps.
Important Phone Numbers
Important Phone Numbers
Phone #
Purdue Village Main Office/Community Center (765) 494-2090
Maintenance (765) 494-2011
Resident Assistant Cell Phone (after hour emergencies) (765) 427-8425
Pest Control (765) 494-2011
English as a Second Language Program (765) 494-0500
Purdue Village Preschool (765) 494-2088
Purdue Police (765) 494-8221
Emergency 911
Additional Services Available at Purdue Village
  1. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
    50 Nimitz Drive
    West Lafayette, IN 47906
    (765) 494-0500
    You may call or visit the website.
  2. Purdue Village Preschool
    117 Nimitz Drive
    West Lafayette, IN 47906
    (765) 494-2088
    Call for schedule and participation information.
    Meeting and social space is available. Call for reservations.
  3. Purdue Village Community Center
    50 Nimitz Drive
    West Lafayette, IN 47906
    (765) 494-2090
    The Community Center is an area where residents can study and gather. Resident Assistants, staff who live in the area to assist you in various ways, can be reached through the Community Center. 
    Reservation of park space, meeting and social rooms at the Community Center is done through the Center.
  4. Purdue Village Administration Building
    250 Nimitz Drive
    West Lafayette, IN 47906
    (765) 494-2011
    The administrative building is home to Purdue Village maintenance and housekeeping staff. 
Rules and Regulations

Following are the rules and regulations specific to Purdue Village. Residents are also responsible for abiding by the University Residences Guidelines. Further clarification of the above mentioned polices, relevant to Purdue Village residents is found in the guidelines below.

General Information
Communication and Special Notices
  • Residents’ Purdue University email will be used for all Purdue Village business communication.
  • Special notices are placed on doors or sent via e-mail from time to time to notify residents of certain problems and events. Weekly or bi-weekly announcements are sent by email or posted on the Purdue Village website. Monthly program flyers are posted from time to time. Newsletters often contain important announcements and information pertinent to all Purdue Village residents. Please take time to read them.

Guests are permitted to stay in your apartment for short visits (no more than two weeks). Furnished guest apartments can be reserved depending on availability. Please check with the Community Center. Residents will be held responsible for their guest's behavior and conformity with all University and University Residences policies.


One permit is included with each family apartment and per single graduate contract holder with a properly registered vehicle. Family second car permits are available for purchase at the Community Center office on a limited basis. Guest permits may also be purchased at the Community Center. Residents are not allowed to park or drive on the grass.


Subleasing is prohibited in Purdue Village Apartments. Any resident who receives money for the use of an apartment from someone not on the contract or addendum is in violation of this policy. Guests visiting for longer than 2 weeks must qualify to live in the apartment and be entered on the addendum upon arrival.

Transfer Requests
Transfer to another apartment requires approval of the Area Coordinator and has a fee associated with it. If a resident is interested in transferring to another apartment, please stop by the Purdue Village Community Center to complete the appropriate paperwork. Transfers are not guaranteed and cannot take place July 1 - August 31 or November 15 - January 15. View our Purdue Village Transfer Policy.

Health and Safety Inspections

Up to five (5) times per year Facilities and/or Residential Life staff will enter apartments to conduct health and safety inspections of all Purdue Village Apartments. These inspections ensure that Purdue Village apartments are maintained to a minimum level of healthy living environment and safety to persons and property of the unit and adjoining units. Purdue Village will announce inspections a minimum of 2 weeks prior to entering apartments. Due to the high number of units, pre-scheduling of the inspections is not possible. Staff will enter based on timing and not necessarily while residents are present.  Please contact the Community Center for questions regarding Health and Safety Inspections.

Personal Property
Abandoned Property

Abandoned property is defined as property not properly stored. Items found in entryways or outside buildings that are not located in an appropriate storage facility (Storage space or bike rack) are considered abandoned property. All abandoned property is taken to the Purdue Village Administration Building and is disposed of either as trash or through the University’s salvage and surplus department after a period of 60 days. A $10 fee may be charged to recover abandoned property. 

  • One standard-sized door mat (36' x 24' x 1') may be kept just outside the door of a resident's apartment. It cannot be over-sized and must lay flat, with no turned up corners; which could pose a tripping hazard.
  • Bicycles must have a current bicycle tag attached to them, which changes each year. Bicycle tags are available in the Purdue Village Community Center and are free of charge. Bicycles should also be registered with the Purdue University Police Department.
  • Operators of the bicycles must follow regulations as stated in the Traffic and Parking Regulations handbook available here.
  • Bike racks are located near the buildings. Bicycles should not be locked to trees, railings, or poles, left in building entryways or they will be removed. Bikes not properly stored will be treated as abandoned property. Up to one (1) time per year an audit of bicycles will be performed. Notices will go out at least two (2) weeks prior to audit. Any bicycles found without current bike tags will be treated as abandoned property per the guidelines listed

Deliveries should be made directly to your apartment address and not to the Community Center, as we do not accept packages for residents.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items should be turned in to the Community Center office.


Small children’s pools must be attended by an adult, drained of water, and stored appropriately when not in use.

  • Storage cabinets are provided for every apartment. All personal items should be properly stored inside the resident’s apartment or in the storage cabinet provided for their apartment only.

Waterbeds are only permitted on the first floor apartments because of weight limits.

Facilities Information
Damage Charges

Please note that it is the resident's responsibility to ensure the apartment and its contents are maintained and functional. It is important for residents to promptly report any damage to the Purdue Village staff. Reports can be submitted at the Fix My Home website. Damage resulting from resident’s negligence or failure to report an ongoing maintenance issue may be billed to the resident.

  • Keys must be returned upon vacating. Failure to return ALL keys will result in a charge for lock change and key replacement. Loss of a key requires a lock change to avoid a security breach.
  • If a key is required for a resident under 18 years of age, please contact our office to submit a request. Each request will be evaluated and a decision made on a case-by-case basis. Only those residents who have their names on a contract addendum will be issued lock out keys.
  • Duplication of keys is prohibited.
Laundry Facilities

Coin operated washers and dryers are available in the basements of one-bedroom apartments. It is the resident's responsibility to check the washers and dryers prior to use. Both a washer and a dryer are provided in each two-bedroom apartment.

  • Residents are welcome to make their apartments comfortable. However, due to facility restrictions and health and safety issues residents must abide by the guidelines provided by Purdue Village. Any alterations or improvements are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Painting; attaching items to walls, floors, ceilings, windows, or doors using screws, nails, glue, or other adhesives.
    • Alterations or additions to plumbing fixtures/system and/or electrical fixtures/wiring
    • Installation of “floating hard floors” such as: laminate, vinyl, tile, or other similar materials
Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors are placed in all apartments. Residents should test smoke detectors on a regular basis. It is the resident's responsibility to make sure the battery is working. Expired or used smoke alarm batteries must be brought to the Main Office at the Community Center for exchange. Rendering the smoke detector inoperable is prohibited. RA's will conduct periodic health and safety inspections throughout the year.

Appliance Guidelines
  • Space heaters are limited to ceramic oil filled type units only, not to exceed 1000 watts and have an auto shut-off feature. Any units with exposed elements are prohibited. Please contact your RA if you are unsure if your heater is acceptable. Any residents found in violation will be asked to remove the heater from the premises.
  • Dishwashers, washing machines, water filters, bidets and any other appliance that requires attaching to plumbing system are prohibited as outlined in “Remodeling” section.
Trash & Recycling
  • Dumpsters are provided in each parking area and emptied regularly. Residents are responsible for taking trash to the dumpsters. Make sure trash is placed inside the dumpster and the lids on the dumpster are closed to keep animals away from and out of the dumpsters. Large items are to be left outside the dumpster.
  • Mixed paper, newspaper, glass, plastic, and aluminum and tin cans can be recycled at Purdue Village.
  • To request pickup of hazardous materials, please complete a Hazardous Material Pickup Request.
Kitchen & Bathroom
Contact Paper

Contact paper has been known to cause expensive damage to paint and wood. Residents are discouraged from using it and will be charged for any damage it causes. All contact paper must be removed when prior to the resident vacating the apartment. Contact paper cannot be used above the stove.

Foil or Plastic Wrap

Foil or plastic wrap must not be placed on the kitchen walls, the stove, or the cabinets. This is a fire hazard if grease accumulates.

Kitchen Drains

Please do not put solid food, grease, or leftover food scraps down the kitchen drains. Clogged drains cause water to back up which can potentially damage your property as well as your neighbors. The resident may be charged if a clog is the result of their negligence.


A plunger is provided for your use in the event that your toilet or sink is clogged. Plungers are available at the Purdue Village Administration Building, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Depending on the source of the backup, residents may be charged for the cost of labor and/or parts if a plumber is required.

Fuse and Light Bulbs

Fuses (110 volt) and long fluorescent tube light bulbs can be picked up at the Community Center office. You must present your old bulb or fuse for exchange only. A blown fuse indicates an electrical problem. Adjustments should be made to the electrical usage or appliance arrangement to prevent this from happening. It is critical residents call and report fuse issues to maintenance at 49-42011.

Apartment Exteriors

Please keep the grounds in Purdue Village picked up and free of trash. The grounds crew will mow the lawns and trim. Occasional herbicide and fertilizer will be spread over the grounds of Purdue Village.

Outside Antennas

Outside antennas and other similar devices, such as satellite dishes, are not permitted.


No plants should be planted or grown on Purdue Village property, except in designated areas. Residents are allowed to have plants in pots outside.

Snow Removal

Our staff will work as quickly as possible to remove snow from streets, parking lots, and major sidewalks. Please help by using the shovels provided to clear the walks from the entry door to the main sidewalks. Sand/salt for residents to use on icy walkways is available free of charge at the Purdue Village Administration building at 250 Nimitz Drive.


Maintenance staff and administrators, including RAs, may enter your apartment without notice in case of emergencies that threaten the safety or security of the residents of the building or the Purdue Village property.

  • Small caged animals are permitted in all apartments. A small animal is one, that when grown to adulthood, is no larger than the average guinea pig (8-10 inches.) These animals include fish, birds, and guinea pigs. If a pet does not fit into these guidelines, you should check with the Area Coordinator to ensure that your pet will not be a violation of the pet policy.
  • Dogs and cats are permitted in buildings 139-149 and 209-228 (with the exception of single graduate apartments, where no pets are allowed). Dogs and cats must be registered with the main office. All pets must be no more than 30 pounds at full adult weight. Vaccination records from a veterinarian must be presented to register a cat or dog. There is a limit of two cats or one cat and one dog per apartment. Pet owners must pick up waste, place it in a sealed bag, and deposit it into a trash receptacle. Questions about specific types of animals, sizes, or breeds should be addressed to Area Coordinator. A $15 fee will be added to the monthly rent for pets. If these guidelines are not followed, Purdue Village administration reserves the right to require that the pet(s) be removed from the premises. Dogs and cats taken outside must be leashed at all times and under control of a responsible resident. Residents are responsible for any damage and/or injuries incurred by their pet.
Emergency Services

Your judgment often determines whether or not an incident is an emergency. If you consider a situation to be an emergency, then it is an emergency. If you have an emergency situation merely dial "911.” An on-campus phone will connect to Purdue Police/Fire. A cell phone will connect to the county emergency center, which can then be routed to Purdue Police/Fire Departments.

University Police and Fire Departments are staffed 24 hours a day for your assistance and protection. This service is provided seven days a week on a year-round basis.

  1. Activate the alarm and evacuate the building.
  2. Call 911 from a safe location or use an emergency call box.
Medical Emergency
  1. Call 911 or use emergency call box and report incident.
  2. Do not move the patient unless safety dictates.
  3. If trained:
    • Use pressure to stop bleeding.
    • Provide basic life support as needed.
  1. Avoid automobiles and open areas.
  2. Move to a basement or corridor.
  3. Stay away from windows.

Do not call 911 unless you require emergency assistance.

Crime and Violent Behavior

In Progress Incidents:

  1. Protect yourself first.
  2. Call 911

Give your name and location. The dispatcher should be told that the incident is in progress.

Reporting Sexual Crimes

Victims of rape or of other sexual crimes can receive confidential assistance from the Purdue University Police Department and from their residence staff. It is vital for victims of sexual crimes to report these incidents to the police immediately so they can take swift action. It is also important that victims notify their University Residences RA and their residence management of any sexual crimes. These staff members will provide confidential assistance.

Psychological Crisis

If the situation becomes violent or life threatening, call 911
Counseling and Psychological Services, 494-7707
Employee Assistance Program, 494-7707
Crisis Center, 742-0244

Domestic Violence

This is a pattern of coercive behaviors in which one person attempts to subdue or control the behavior of another through threats or the actual use of physical violence, sexual assault, intimidation, verbal, emotional, or psychological abuse. This can range from mildly abusive to extremely violent, life-threatening behavior. These behaviors can occur within a relationship or family setting. In the United States, domestic violence is not sanctioned as a private family manner.

Academic and family responsibilities in unfamiliar surroundings far from friends and family often cause strains on the relationships of domestic and international students. Sometimes that strain can lead to domestic violence. Should this occur, help is available:

Counseling and Psychological Services, 494-6995
Dean of Students, 494-8698
International Student and Scholars, 494-5770
Purdue University Police Department, 494-8221

Bomb Threats

Call 911 or use an emergency call box and report incident.

If a suspicious object is observed:

  1. Don't touch it!
  2. Evacuate the area.
  1. Take cover.
  2. Call 911.
  3. Assist the injured.
Hazardous Material Spill/Release
  1. Call 911 or use an emergency call box and report incident.
  2. Secure the area.
  3. Assist the injured.
  4. Evacuate if necessary.
Shelter in Place
  1. Stay inside a building.
  2. Seek inside shelter if outside.
  3. Seal off openings to your room if possible.

Remain in place until you are told that it is safe to leave.

  1. Take Cover
  2. Call 911 or use an emergency call box if emergency assistance is necessary.
  3. Evacuate if alarm sounds or if told to do so by emergency personnel.
Utility Failure
  1. Remain calm
  2. Do not call the University Police Department for information concerning utility failures unless you have an emergency.
  3. Please call the Resident Assistant at 427-8425.
  4. If you discover a gas leak, call the University Police Department at (765) 494-8221.
  5. Call 911 if you are injured or require emergency assistance.
Moving Out

Complete a Notice to Vacate form at the Purdue Village Community Center office at least 30 days prior to check out. Should you fail to give 30 day advance notice of your move, you will be charged a fee equal to 30 days rent from the date you turn in your written notice.

Pre-inspections and final check out inspections will be scheduled when you submit your notice to vacate. 

Leave the apartment in good condition. Damage or cleaning charges will be assessed and should be paid at the office upon final check out. On the day of check out, please return all keys (apartment and mailbox keys), and parking permit (if applicable). Residents will also need to provide a forwarding address and pay any applicable charges or fees.

Cleaning Your Apartment

Apartments are restored to a high standard of quality and cleanliness each time a resident vacates the premises. Please note the following tips for keeping your apartment in top shape.

  1. Carefully check the apartment for damage and cleanliness when you move in. Turn the apartment condition form back into the main office within one week after moving in so that the apartment can be brought back to an appropriate standard.
  2. Regular cleaning of the apartment is expected and will save you time and work when vacating. Maintain cleanliness of bathroom, kitchen, and stove to avoid lengthy or costly cleaning at time of move out.
  3. Call (765) 494-2011 or report the problem on Fix My Home for maintenance and repairs as soon as you notice a problem
  4. Pest Control (765) 494-2011. No extra charge for this service. Call during business hours. On evenings and weekends, contact the Resident Assistant on duty, 427-8425.