Tarkington Hall Information

Residential Life

Living in Tarkington Hall provides students with the unique opportunity to develop strong community living skills and leadership skills. Tarkington Hall provides a number of programs each year in which residents may participate. These programs are designed to benefit not only the community within Tarkington, but the surrounding community as well. Some of those programs include Halloween Spooktacular, Annual Ski Trip, Auto Show, and Pie Your RA.


Visit the Tarkington Market for anything from snacks to toothpaste.

Residence Amenities

Formal Lounge 
Student Study Rooms 
Computer Lab (room key opens lab) 
Duplicating - photocopier is available at main office 
Vending Machines in lower central
Fax machine - available in main office
VCR/DVD player checkout - available in main office 
VCR/DVD movie checkout - available in main office 
Ping-Pong Equipment & Table - available for checkout in main office 
Billiards Equipment & Table - available for checkout in main office
Big Screen TV Lounge
Shark Tank Recreation Room

The Halberdier Club

The Halberdier Club is the governing body of Newton Booth Tarkington Hall. All Residents of Tarkington Hall are members of the Halberdier Club. The purpose of the Halberdier Club is to create an environment conducive to scholastic achievement; to promote among residents a feeling of pride in their living units; to program for resident's social, cultural and athletic interests.