Residence Education Coordinators

About Our Work:

Residence Education Coordinators (RECs) are responsible for developing strong residential communities; forming relationships with individual students; coaching and supervising student staff; implementing area-specific residential curriculum plans, facilitating educational opportunities including student conduct meetings and student leadership experiences, communicating with parents and other stakeholders, and organizing opening and closing processes. Residence Education Coordinators create and promote a learning centered, nurturing residential community. Learn more about the position here.

Meet Our Team:

Timothy Williams
Timothy R. Williams

Bachelor’s degree in Communication, University of Arkansas (Go HOGS!) 
Master’s degree in College Student Personnel, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

I have a passion for student development. I really enjoy interacting with students and helping them become the best that they can be. I have experience in housing, disability services, and multicultural student life. My favorite part about Purdue is being one of the RECs for Cary Quad. Cary is the flagship residence hall of Purdue and there is so much history I have the opportunity to preserve and build upon.

Tyler Averado
Tyler Alvarado

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Philosophy, Central Michigan University
Master’s Degree in Higher post-Secondary Education, Syracuse University

My favorite part about working at Purdue University is the people I get to work with. The student leaders are creative, motivating, and incredibly intelligent. My fellow professionals are diverse in prior experiences which enhances the contributions each of us brings to the table and allows us to better serve our students. From weekly chats to periodic lunches, I have been able to build relationships with other professionals as well as faculty.

Tyler Averado
Joanna Rose-Gross

Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in Spanish, SUNY Geneseo
Master’s Degree in College Student Personnel Administration from Illinois State University

I am passionate about developing cultural competencies and helping others, both students and staff, develop theirs. I believe social justice work should be present in every office, not just those that work specifically with diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Laura Trombley
Laura Trombley

Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Central Michigan University
Master’s Degree in College Student Affairs, Eastern Illinois University

I am passionate about reflection and growth, and bringing these themes into action to help people reflect on their identities and how they help us to write our life narratives. I’m especially interested in working with sexual violence prevention, education and advocacy, and promoting a culture of equity and wellness on campus for all.


Ashley McCray
Ashley McCray

Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with a concentration in Hispanic Studies with a minor in business administration, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision with a concentration in Higher Education Administration, Tennessee State University

My interests lie heavily in international education. I have studied abroad twice and it changed my perspective of the world. I am also passionate about student engagement and involvement. I enjoy building trustworthy and accountable relationships with students where I am able to help develop interests and plug them in to campus.

Sarah Solberg
Sarah Solberg

Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Master’s Degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education, Indiana State University

I have a passion working with students to assist in creating the experience they want while on campus and taking as much as possible from the experience. Learning about students’ passions and then figuring out how to integrate those passions into their lives post-graduation ins one of my goals.


Molli Keller
Molli Keller

Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication, University of Evansville
Master’s degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education, Indiana State University

My passions fall mostly within study abroad. I was given the opportunity to gain work experience abroad by completing a semester internship in England after graduate school. I also enjoy working with student leadership and continuing to help students develop their leadership skills. I really enjoy how welcoming and supporting the University Residences team is at Purdue. My days are often filled with smiles and support from my colleagues.

Kelly Kessler
Kelly Kessler

Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management, Johnson & Wales University
Master’s degree in Teaching, Johnson & Wales

I have always wanted to help others accomplish their goals and I accomplish this through teaching and training. I love helping student leaders develop their skills for wherever life takes them. My favorite part about Purdue is working with people who love what they do! Oh, and Starbucks too! One of the most meaningful parts of my job is attending different events around campus to help me to understand my students' passions.


Raymond Borrero
Raymond Borrero

Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration, Florida International University
Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration, Florida International University

I believe every single individual on campus plays a role in the experience of our students. My goal is for students to graduate from Purdue with more than just a degree. I believe every student should leave college with a sense of personal identity, prepared to take on the world as a well-rounded global citizen. The greatest accomplishment anyone can have in this field is knowing you’ve impacted a student’s life. Some of my proudest moments relate to students I have advised accomplishing a personal goal and thanking me for having influenced them in a positive way.