Community Standards


Rights and responsibilities are the essence of rules and regulations within Purdue University Residences. We consider discipline as an acceptance of one’s responsibility within the residential community with respect for the rights of others. We address inappropriate behavior through an educational approach.

Essentially, our goal is to develop living environments that value learning opportunities and personal growth and development. To accomplish this, it is critical that individuals respect the rights of their fellow residents, including the right to:

  • Sleep and study without undue interference
  • A comfortable level of personal privacy
  • A clean and welcoming living environment
  • Freedom from harassment and intimidation
  • Support from the residence staff

Safety in the campus environment is the responsibility of both residents and guests and contributes to a campus living experience that is welcoming, valuable and memorable.

Please remember that you may be held accountable for being present in a room where a violation is taking place. Additionally, you are responsible for informing your guests of the policies and for their conduct.

Every student living in University Residences is expected to know and abide by University Residences rules and regulations as detailed throughout this guidebook. In addition, as a member of the larger University community you are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules and regulations in University Regulations – a reference book for students, staff, and faculty published by the Office of the Dean of Students. If you have questions about any of these regulations or need additional information, see a University Residences administrator.

Creating community in a successful living and learning environment requires a commitment to behavioral standards. Individuals must accept their responsibility to abide by the following University Residences standards and are encouraged to influence others to do the same.

These standards of conduct define the expectations for your behavior as members of the University Residences community.