Please visit the Parking Facilities Website for all of your parking questions. Questions about eligibility should be directed to the Parking Facilities office at All parking permits are subject to availability.

Restricted Parking Permits

Applications will be available here beginning mid-July. Restricted Parking Permits are available to first-year students only with the approval of Parking Facilities and documentation of one of the following:

  • Regular medical visits off-campus
  • Class off-campus
  • University Residences student service worker
  • Reserve/active military duty
  • Off-campus employment

There are a limited number of restricted parking permits available to students who meet the criteria outlined above.

Restricted parking is only available in the McCutcheon Parking Garage. All permits are approved by Parking Facilities. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide any supporting documentation necessary for approval. The approved applicant must present a photo ID at the time of purchase or pickup. Please direct eligibility questions to or visit the Parking Facilities website.

Freshmen Parking Lottery

You may apply now for the Freshman Parking Lottery. 

Hawkins Hall Permit

Any vehicle parked in areas designated for Hawkins parking must display a valid Hawkins Hall parking permit. Permits are valid for one year as long as the resident lives in Hawkins Hall and continues to meet the criteria for which the permit was issued. This parking permit will allow you to park only in Hawkins lot and garage spaces. 

Purdue Village Permits

Each family apartment or contract holding graduate student is eligible for one parking permit upon providing a valid photo ID. To obtain the permit or purchase a second permit, the apartment contract holder will need to come to the Purdue Village Community Center office with required documentation.

The ability to sell permits will be determined by availability of space.

Guest Parking Permits

Visitors may obtain guest parking permits valid for a period of up to three days. Permits may be purchased at one of the cash handling operations:

  • Cary Quadrangle
  • Earhart Hall
  • Hawkins Hall
  • Hillenbrand Hall
  • Purdue Village
  • Windsor Halls